• cuisine
    á la bevanda

    Bevanda, a renowned restaurant, uses
    only fresh ingredients from the continent
    and the sea to create classic, but versatile
    dishes with a touch of modernity. In its
    desire to serve tasty food, its cuisine is
    focused on pure and discernible food aromas. Reserve

  • the interior
    The restaurant’s distinct interior design, redesigned for the first time since its very opening, has been carefully thought out by Croatian architects and suppliers.
    It is contemporary and multi-functional, with separate areas in which guests can enjoy their cigars and hard drinks. Our facilities can accommodate both your private and business events. Reserve
  • wine list

    and menu

    Our list of drinks has remained one of the best in the region. The finest selection of drinks from Croatia and abroad perfectly complements Bevanda’s menu.

  • the view

    The restaurant Bevanda offers a relaxing view of the sea, the town of Rijeka, the Istrian penninsula and islands in the distance.

    since 1971.

    Continuing a 40-year long tradition of reputation
    is not an easy task, but we are happy to take up the challenge!

    Bevanda’s desserts are inspired by traditional local tastes, with a  modern touch

    In our desire to breathe new life into traditional desserts, we have designed a menu that reflects the Kvarner and Mediterranean enogastronomic heritage. As the icing on the cake,
    the desserts in bBevanda perfectly complement the selection of food for a relaxed lunch or dinner.

    See the new menu

    Bevanda’s kitchen turns the best local ingredients of Kvarner into unique experiences.

    interior design

    Architectural, visual and woodwork solutions in Bevanda were designed by our Croatian partners.

    Having proven that the best ideas might not need be far away from home, we appointed Dražul Glušica, architects from Rijeka to design the hotel architecture, the woodwork and furniture was designed by the Sinago Company from Zagreb, which is also the home of the Kuharić Matoš Studio who envisioned the visual solutions for the hotel.

    We hope that our network of vendors will grow together with us, creating a healthy and inspiring environment.

    The leading choice of drinks
    in the region

    Bevanda’s beverages list reads as «who is who» in the world of
    Croatian and international gastronomy! Our sommeliers, the
    best in what they do, have created one of the leading lists of
    drinks in this part of Europe.

    From a wide choice of champagnes and Croatian and international wines, to
    aperitifs and spirits, Bevanda offers a hand-picked selection of only the best items.

    It consists of a total of more than 650 wine and 200 distillate labels. Guests can always
    expect new and exciting aromas as we are on the neverending quest of finding the
    perfect match with food. Bevanda’s humidor and our sommelier expertise in pairing
    cigars with drinks will make this an unforgettable experience.


    Bevanda wine cellar

    Your every wine wish

    For more than 40 years one of the most prominent
    cellars in the region, Bevanda’s wine collection
    continues to set new restaurant standards.

    Leading Croatian wines are a natural base of the cellar. The list of international bottles reads as an overview of the key vinegrowing appelations. Let yourself be seduced by Bevanda’s carefully selected list of some of the world’s best wines!