Bevanda, a name with 40 years of history!

We are the first five-star design hotel in the Northern Adriatic, a place that provides its guests with complete relaxation in richly furnished rooms and personally customized services.

The hotel was built on the foundations of a restaurant of the same name, established in 1971. We have enriched the famous name with 10 elegantly furnished rooms, each named after a famous person who stayed in Opatija throughout history and who had been inspired by its trendy cultural and social scene.

We are here to provide you with a place to relax and enjoy yourselves, and to meet all of your desires. Just by the sea, with a view of the beautiful cities of Rijeka and Opatija, the Istrian landscape and islands in the distance,
Bevanda is – the unique Adriatic!



We wish to make your stay in Bevanda a unique and fulfilling experience.

While you relax and rest, we take care to make your stay perfect. The following services are available (charged extra):

  • Shuttle service from nearby airports (Zagreb, Rijeka, Pula, Ljubljana and Trieste)
  • Trip to Istria or the nearby islands with the hotel’s speed-boat
  • Organization of land tours in Croatia, or nearby Slovenia and Italy
  • Organization of wellness programmes in Opatija
  • Dry cleaning

Architectural, visual and woodwork solutions in Bevanda were designed by our Croatian partners.

Having proven that the best ideas might not be far away from home, we appointed Dražul Glušica, architects from Rijeka to design the hotel architecture, the woodwork was designed by the Sinago Company, key pieces of furniture were created by the Kvadra Company, while the visual solutions were envisaged in the Kuharić Matoš Studio.

We hope that our network of vendors will grow together with us, creating a healthy and inspiring environment.

historical heritage

Bevanda honours the people
who shaped world history.

By naming each of its ten rooms after a celebrity who visited Opatija during their creative years and who was inspired by this city, Bevanda honours the people of the world’s history. The elegantly furnished rooms reveal the links between Opatija and these artists, scientists, a dancer and an empress.

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
Gustav Mahler
Andrija Mohorovičić
Maria Anna
Sergei Esenin
Albert Einstein
Vladimir Nabokov
Isadora Duncan
James Joyce
Giacomo Puccini

room service

The mini bar (as many as two fridges in some of the rooms) is filled with more than 20 different drinks – from water and non-alcoholic beverages to sparkling wines and spirits. There is also a luxurious room service food and wine menu inspired by our restaurant.

These could be two reasons to never leave your room and to enjoy the privacy and luxury of the Bevanda room service.

In order to make your relaxation as easy and comfortable as possible, Bevanda’s rooms are equipped with cosmetic products from famous international brands.

Our bathroom cosmetics are from the French Lanvin Company, established at the end of the 19th century – at exactly the same time as Opatija’s greatest rise and its growing reputation in the Mediterranean. We hand-picked the towel material and other bathroom equipment and customized them to fit our guests’ needs.

Personalized service. Bevanda’s staff are here for you!

We treat each guest individually and do our best to meet all their requirements. By constantly improving our services we wish to make Bevanda a home-like environment.

Bevanda wine cellar

Your every wine wish

For more than 40 years one of the most prominent
cellars in the region, Bevanda’s wine collection
continues to set new restaurant standards.

Leading Croatian wines are a natural base of the cellar. The list of international bottles reads as an overview of the key vinegrowing appelations. Let yourself be seduced by Bevanda’s carefully selected list of some of the world’s best wines!