“I am sure it will be a feast. I am coming for my BIRTHDAY!!!”

Sanja Muzaferija

“Prekrasan restoran i još bolji kuhar!!”

Beti Lučić

  • “I have never seen a palm tree growing so free. Every day I
    contemplated its leaves flickering in the morning breeze,
    and it taught me that gentle trembling of shoulders, arms, fingers . . .”

    isadora duncan

  • “There are dimples in the rocks, full of tepid water, and my magic muttering accompanies certain spells I am weaving over the tiny sapphire pools.”

    vladimir nabokov

Bevanda is –
the unique Adriatic!

We are the first five-star design hotel in the Northern Adriatic, a place that provides its guests with complete relaxation in richly furnished rooms, and personally customized services.

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